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Four Simple Tricks to Declutter and Ace the Sustainable Fashion Game

Our clothing choices are changing, thanks to the lockdowns and WFH situation. While things are definitely opening up now, the fashion choices we’ve made over the last two years might...

Our clothing choices are changing, thanks to the lockdowns and WFH situation. While things are definitely opening up now, the fashion choices we’ve made over the last two years might continue to influence our wardrobe preferences in the future too. The clothes we choose reflects our personalities; yes, there are times we might steer away from the tried and tested to experiment with trends. While our wardrobe predominantly reflects who we are, it doesn’t mean we should keep expanding it.

With sustainability conversations becoming louder, it’s necessary that we make good, sensible decisions when it comes to our closets. Being stylish is a state of mind and it only needs the right balance of choosing what’s good and letting go of what’s not needed or not right for us. 

So, this year while you choose to stay stylish make it a point to declutter with our fashion tips that will make sure you save more even when you shop.

The One-Occasion Purchase

We’re all guilty of doing this. A reunion, a party, a wedding, the list is endless. When there’s something special coming up and we want to look our best, we end up buying something for that special occasion.  It will invariably be used only once and stay at the bottom drawer for years afterwards. This is a waste of time and energy invested in combing through multiple websites and walking to different stores for that one perfect dress! Instead pick a piece that’s simple, elegant, chic or whatever you have in mind, but make sure it’s versatile. For instance, a pretty schiffli white dress can be matched with court shoes and a nice clutch or with a pair of sneakers and crochet bag, giving you two options in one — evening glam or Sunday picnic in minutes. 

No Fit Means No Place

Everyone wants to look their best at all times. Sometimes we also hope to fit into some of the clothes we own, even after outgrowing them eons ago. Buying or keeping outfits a few sizes small will not help you get back in shape nor is not a great motivator to start a workout routine. What you need are clothes that fit well. So, what doesn’t fit should no longer be taking up space in your closet. Donate or sell, but don’t keep them.

Stop the Hoarding

Get out of the ‘I must shop during the sale’ mindset. Most often we’re looking for a good bargain and end up buying pieces that will not be of any use. If you don’t believe this, go check your wardrobe and you’ll find clothes that were bought on a whim and have never been used. Not everything will suit you and not every good bargain is worth your closet space. Declutter and clear-out your wardrobe from time to time to make room for those styles you have been eyeing for a long time


Invest in Timeless Pieces

Versatility matters and so does timeless pieces. Some clothes and jewellery can be repeated time and again and they never go out of style. Invest in styles that suit you and can be used many times. Discard everything in your wardrobe that does nothing but take space. 

There are some wardrobe staples that you cannot let go off. Similarly, some styles suit you better than others, so make it a point to keep those essentials in your wardrobe. As for the rest, declutter to clear out some space. Your clothes and accessories have to enhance your whole look and not be something that you hoard on to satisfy your shopping urges or to meet the one-occasion need. Plan your purchases and buy over a period of time instead of just before an important occasion. This will help ensure that you only pick something that will be used multiple times and not be forgotten in the bottom drawer.


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