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How to Decide Her Ring Size For Valentine's Day

Celebrate your love on Valentine's Day with the perfect ring. Know how to find the right size without her knowing with these 5 tips and tricks. To learn more, read...

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How to get the right ring size while keeping it a surprise?

Planning to gift your partner a ring this Valentine's but wondering how to get the right ring size without her knowing about it? Well, you have definitely arrived at the right place! 

Choosing a Valentine’s Day ring from so many available options can surely be a task, and to top it all, finding the correct ring size can make it all the more tricky. But don't worry, we have just the guide you need! Read this blog until the end to learn how to find the right ring size to give your partner a sweet surprise.

How to get the right ring size while keeping it a surprise?

1. Borrow One of Her Rings

How do you borrow without actually asking your partner for it? Simple. Sneak into her jewellery box and grab one of her most recently bought rings. But make sure you do it carefully and do not raise suspicions which may give her an indication of what you're up to. You have to be sneaky and stealthy!

Furthermore, ensure the ring you borrow is one which she usually wears on the hand and on the finger where the ring you give her will eventually find its permanent home. The dominant hand outsizes the supporting hand by a small margin. Use this ring to determine the band size you'll need to give her as a present.

2. Have Her Friends or Family Help You out

This is perhaps the most straightforward answer to your question: How to find the right ring size for your partner's Valentine's gift?
Asking her family or friends to help will get you the correct ring size and a hint at what she prefers. Furthermore, it helps break the ice and get you the much-needed help you may need to plan the surprise. 

3. Measure with Yarn to Find Ring Size

How about casually playing with a yarn and randomly wrapping it around her finger as a part of the play? Quite casual, right?

But this is what will help you find the ring size. While she thinks you're randomly wrapping the yarn, be sure to consciously note the length of the yarn that wraps around her finger. Note the length and visit a ring shop the next day to find the ring size. Or even simple. Just google the length!

4. Go Ring Shopping Together

Going on a ring shopping together can quickly become a core memory! And here’s how you can add an element of surprise. Don't divulge the details of where you are taking her, just ask her to dress up and drive around the town to the shop. You may even choose to blindfold her!

But the cherry on the cake? This idea allows your partner to pick the ring of their dreams! It’s a safe bet that you just can’t seem to go wrong with. Because let’s be honest here, no one likes getting stuck with a ring they don’t like.

5. Buy a Ring Sizer

Buy a ring sizer? Are we out of our minds?

Now, it may seem a little too extra, but it's the best way to get the accurate ring size. But here's the catch! You will still need to come up with a plan if you want to keep it a surprise. And the best way to go about it? Involve her friends and family!


And if still in doubt, go for IshqMe’s adjustable rings for a fail-proof plan! The bottom line is; you have found the person you want to spend eternity with. And you are ready to take the next step ahead. As daunting as it may seem, finding the perfect Valentine's Day ring for your partner can just be another milestone moment and a life-long memory for you and your partner. So focus more on enjoying this journey, instead of pressurizing yourself to get it to picture perfect. Because in the end, all that matters is the joy the moment will bring!


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