Sea Blue Ensemble

Here is a great look for parties on the waterfront! Comfortable yet stylishly elegant. This look is for those want to be effortlessly chic and stand out elegantly from the rest of the crowd.

₹ 8,356.00
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Starlit - One Shoulder Floral Top with Black A- line Skirt

Looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort? Our Starlit - One Shoulder Floral Top , featuring a unique print, combined with the Black A-line Skirt, offers just that. Made with 100% cotton, it ensures you stay comfortable while looking your best. Know More

₹ 2,250.00

Turquoise and Pearl Studded Pendant

Introducing our Turquoise and Pearl Studded Pendant - a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Made with925 Sterling Silver, this pendant is adorned with natural turquoise stone and pearl, offering a unique and elegant look. Weighing approximately 20gm, it's a lightweight and trendy addition to your jewellery collection. Know More

₹ 5,200.00

Turquoise Studded Silver Ring

Step out in style with our Turquoise Studded Silver Ring. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, this ring features a stunning turquoise stone set in a gold-plated finish. Dimensions: 2cm x 2cm with a charm size of 1.5cm x 1.5cm. A true statement piece for every jewellery collection

₹ 2,600.00

Turquoise Silver Earrings

Step out in style with our Turquoise and Pearl Studded Earrings. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, these earrings feature a statement ear stud with a shimmering pearl dangle. Dimensions: 3cm x 2.2cm with a thickness of 7mm. Perfect for adding a touch of class to any outfit. Know More

₹ 3,299.00