Team IshqMe is a set of passionate designers led by Deepa Mahadevan. Deepa is a versatile creative person with a career spanning over two decades. A person with a distinct sense of style, Deepa found a void in the fashion market for global merchandise with an Indian touch. She came up with a plan to fill this void by creating designs conferring to international standards of quality for the Indian woman who is young, bold, fun and free by birthing IshqMe.



Our products are thoughtfully designed by team IshqMe and handmade by Indian karigars who have been traditionally supplying to international brands thus we ensure that there is no compromise on the quality, which is on par with international standards. Our collection blends minimalism and luxury. Who says that save the best for last when you can wear it every day!


We are a tribe of fun, bold & free women! IshqMe literally means self-love. Our products are a labour of love for all you special women out there, who love yourselves and are bold enough to wear it on your sleeve. You take care of yourself and know what you want. You don't need an occasion to dress up as each day celebrates your self-expression. You don't shy away from looking your best as you know that this is what is owed to you. You are selfless yet know you deserve to invest time to love yourself.

Join the ishqme tribe if you

  • Love yourself
  • Have eclectic tastes
  • Like only the best

#Metime is ishqMe time