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Four Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time Alone

  We’re all so caught up in the mundane that taking some time for ourselves has become a luxury. Swamped with work and responsibilities a designated ‘me time’ might sometimes...


We’re all so caught up in the mundane that taking some time for ourselves has become a luxury. Swamped with work and responsibilities a designated ‘me time’ might sometimes seem, impractical too, but it’s necessary! While being alone and enjoying your solitude might not be something you’ve made a conscious effort to do, it is necessary to shut out all the noise once in a while to heal you mind and body. Solitude is a natural healer, and it also helps you gain greater perspective. 


Yes, the thought of being alone with just your thoughts can be intimidating, but it’s non-negotiable if you value your sanity. But, if you’re still not convinced, here’s our list of the top four reasons why you should be shutting out the world right now to take control of your life and happiness.


Relaxes Your Mind

Constantly being around people can make it difficult for you to process your thoughts. Your brain needs some quite ‘me time’ to catch up with what’s happening around you, without being distracted by the incessant external chatter. Whether you’re with your kids or at work, make it a point to shut everyone out for a few minutes per day. An hour or two would be ideal, but since that’s not really possible everyday take short breaks to say silent to really relax and recharge your mind.


Helps You Find Your Voice

Building a healthy relationship with yourself begins with you trying to find your preferences and opinions. When you’re surrounded by people it might seem easier to let someone else take the lead and make decisions. When you start spending more time with yourself, you can take that long pending journey inwards and become mindful of your inclinations and ideas about everything in your life. And this will help you find your voice and speak out with greater self-assurance.


Improve Problem-Solving

When something’s playing on your mind it might seem necessary to talk to someone. While this will help, there are times when it’s better for you to process your thoughts alone to find your own solutions. Being alone with your thoughts will help you gain clarity and take an objective view of the situation. When you learn to see a situation from another angle and really look for a solution through careful contemplation it becomes easier to get to the bottom of it all. Not sure? Next time you’re in a fix, go sit somewhere quiet and let your mind sift through the whole episode, you’ll be surprised to find the solutions sooner than you think.


Build Stronger Relationships

The more time and space you give any relationship the better it will get. When you choose to spend more time with yourself, you will put in intentional effort to understand your expectations from life and people you share it with. This clarity will help you create more enriching relationships and build better rapport with the people around you. 


Time spent in mindful solitude is time well-spent. Taking that journey inwards is never easy, especially when you’re constantly surrounded by people and have to manage the responsibilities of home and work. But the more time you spend with yourself, the better your life will be. Yes, you might have to get creative to find that alone, relaxing ‘me time’. But nothing is impossible if you really try/ And knowing that it can help you with your overall well-being should be incentive enough to make the effort. 


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