Bold Black Moroccan Cocktail Look

The Bold Black Moroccan Cocktail Look is the epitome of evening charm, centred around Soraya - One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress and accessories that enhance its allure.

₹ 13,500.00
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Soraya - One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress

The Soraya Dress with its plush velvet and distinctive one-shoulder cut offers a canvas for style. The unique metal chain lace detail draws the eye, suggesting accessories that complement its bold yet refined statement. Know More

₹ 4,999.00

Coral Drop Filigree Earring

These earrings are a rich complement to the Soraya Dress. Their intricate filigree design and vibrant corals mirror the Moroccan inspiration of the dress, adding a layer of allure and opulence. Know More

₹ 2,400.00

Long wrap 18K Gold Plated Bracelet

The Long Wrap Bracelet, with its sleek gold finish and subtle enamel detailing, wraps around the wrist to add a modern twist. It reflects the dress's elegance and enhances the look with a hint of subtle shimmer. Know More

₹ 3,750.00

Neon Glam sequinned clutch

The clutch brings a playful yet sophisticated edge. Its black and gold sequins resonate with the dress's style, while the neon sequins inject a pop of colour that captures the spirit of the cocktail party. Know More

₹ 2,999.00