Pearls and layers- Trending in 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, the new trend that has evolved in the zoom circles is the need to glam up leisure wear and pearls have led the way.

Women the world over have chosen to spruce up their loungewear by adding a dash of gold and pearls. Pearls have a way of adding a certain level of sophistication to any outfit that they are paired with. Layered chains are trending this year. Wear layered chains with pearls and you have two trends in one!

Pearls and women have had an eternal love affair. Pearls are synonymous with style and class. These eternal ageless beauties continue to cast their spell as they are trending worldwide in 2021.

Pearls are making a comeback even as hair accessories. They have been spotted in hair pins and headbands. 

Kamala Harris made a splash on the cover of Vogue wearing pearls.In fact there were thousands of women who came together on Facebook to wear pearls on the Inauguration Day of Kamala Harris, as a show of their support. The founder of the group, Hope Aloaye said in one of her interviews that she equates the long journey of pearls evolving to the struggles that women go through and still manage to shine.

Have you ever noticed that women who sport pearls have an aura of self confidence that clearly sets them apart? Coco Channel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Deepika Padukone, Dia Mirza, the list goes on for women who love their pearls.

While like all of us, you too get ready to go out and put this pandemic behind you, treat yourself to some Pearl love.Layered strands, hoops, drop earrings, bracelets, in all pearls are here to stay.