Accessories Guaranteed to Beat the Monday Blues

It’s Monday! Feeling down already? Don’t despair, we’ve got you covered! At IshqMe we’ve got the secret to brighten up the dullest of days, and it’s right inside every woman’s jewellery box! Yes, it is, because all it takes is the perfect accessory to instantly make you look good and elevate your mood. 

So, here’s a look at how you can accessorise to lift your spirits and combat the Monday blues.

A Cocktail Ring

Striking, easy to match with all outfits and a great way to instantly glam up — the cocktail ring is the perfect eye-catching bauble and a great mood lifter. Just look at your hands when you sport a big stone-studded ring, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The perfect way to enhance your work wear without going overboard, cocktail rings are hard to miss, so they’ll invariably win you the compliments to boost your happiness and confidence.

Layer It Up!

Why should your Monday formals be boring? Whether it’s the stacked bracelet or the layered pendant necklace, layering is here to stay. So, just add it to your Monday wardrobe to jazz up your formal shirts. Plus, a nice, layered necklace is just what you need to add some extra oomph! 

Go Silver Stoned!

Classy silver stoned bracelets to silver dangler earrings are a great way to doll up. From elegant, dainty drop earrings to chunky gemstone silver bracelets, take your pick to add some character to your Monday outfit and to feel all dressed up for the day. And you sure can’t deny the fact that when you’re looking good, you’re bound to start feeling good!

Go Bohemian

Flaunt your inner bohemian goddess when you need a boost! From colourful beaded bracelets to tassel earrings, boho chic accessories are the perfect pick-me-ups that'll make you instantly happier. Colourful and mood-enhancing these edgy jewellery pieces are great to get you grooving at work on a melancholy Monday. 

Patterned Laptop Bag

No matter how much you love your work, everyone feels a tad bit lazy after a weekend. So, if there’s nothing much in your jewellery box, why not just liven up a workplace staple — your laptop? Well, not literally, just the bag would do. Pick a bold patterned laptop bag that will become the focal point if your outfit for the day is too darn boring. You can go from drab to fab anytime by just carrying a striking laptop bag that’s functional as well as stylish.

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