Everyday Tips For Slaying Your White Dress

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Here Are the Everyday Styling Tips for Your White Dress:



The most versatile piece, the white dress is no longer considered the perfect choice only for the warmer months. While it can be tricky to style because of the blank canvas it provides, the white dress for ladies offers a wide number of options when it comes to styling. It’s bright, cheery (if accessorised right), and can be worn at formal and casual dos. And there are so many ways to create a whole new look every time you choose to wear a white dress. All you need are some great accessories and a little bit of imagination, and you’ll be all set to make heads turn each time you step out.

Here Are the Everyday Styling Tips for Your White Dress:

Don’t Overlook the Quality

White dress for ladies tend to be see-through. So, when you pick a white dress never ever compromise on the quality of the fabric. When the fabric is good you can be sure that the fit will be right and the way it falls will be good. Whites are tricky as they can be quite transparent, so if you’re not sure pick a lined or embroidered white dress.

Don’t Go with the Clingy

When it’s white choose free-flowing, breezy, easy styles as they can be effortless to style and carry off. In whites the fit matters, because if it’s too clingy and tight it will show every bulge and curve. And unless you are confident you can carry it off, a white bodycon is a strict no-no. 

Don’t Ignore the Underpinnings

When it comes to white dress what goes underneath matters. Because a lot of times whites can be transparent, it’s important that you pick well-fitting lingerie. Choose nudes or a colour that matches your skin tone to make sure it won’t show underneath your classic white dress.

Flash Your Vibe

Elegant, flirty, causal, or edgy, which look are you trying to create with your white dress? Plan that before you pick a dress. Yes, the occasion matters too. You can go with the elegant white for a formal evening, or a breezy one for the girls’ night out or casuals for a day out. Just choose the right one for the occasion but you can always add your own spin to it to create your own style. 

Add a Pop of Personality

Accessorise your white dress to show-off your personal style. White dresses look great with anything, so based on your taste pick accessories that will add character to your ensemble. Whether you want to go chunky or minimal, decide ahead what works best for you. Pearls look good if you’re planning to go the elegant way. Choose a nice set of pearl drop earrings or a layered pearl necklace, carry a nice clutch and slip into a slender pair of nude heels and you’ll look picture perfect. For an edgy casual look go with a colourful crochet bag and chunky boho beaded earrings and a matching bracelet and you’ll be ready to make a fun, bold statement.

Layer it Up

It’s easy to layer whites, because all the colours go with it. From a nice silk scarf for a feminine touch to a beige denim jacket for a girly vibe or a blush shrug for a night out, you could choose what you want to dress up your white dress.

Go for Gold

A white dress and gold are a perfect match, because gold really makes whites to stand out. Pick a blingy gold layered necklace or a nice pair of gold danglers to make a shimmery statement.


A white dress is a classy piece of clothing every girl should own. They’re elegant but can be turned into an edgy number with just the right accessories and layering. Pick a style that works for you and let the blank canvass inspire you to create a new look every time. You can always mix and match what goes with it to create something new for each occasion. Just make your personality shine through and you’ll be ready to give everyone something to talk about.