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Genius Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories

 When it comes to dressing up accessories play a huge role. And what you choose to wear with your clothes can make or break the whole look. So, when...

When it comes to dressing up accessories play a huge role. And what you choose to wear with your clothes can make or break the whole look. So, when in doubt about choosing clothes for the day just remember that you can dress up or down any outfit by simply picking the right accessories to go with it. Be it your joggers and tee or your power suits, accessorising can turn your causals and formals into something more fabulous. All you need is a little inspiration and a good sense of your unique personal style to create the look that you want to achieve. Still not sure where to start? Here’s our guide to up your style game with the right accessories.

Bag it Right

Bags are functional, nonetheless. But they’re also an important part of your whole ensemble. While a clutch is more apt for an evening out and a tote for your beach and mall walks, there are myriad other options available that you could try to add an edge of uniqueness to your ensemble. Say a suede backpack instead of a tote for some enhanced girly look? Backpacks are back in fashion and they’re not just spacious but are also great to add some character to your overall look. Not a backpack person? Pick a bag in vibrant hues to add some colour to your outfit or carry a crossbody bag with a unique sling for your day outings. For an evening out you could try a metallic wristlet or an embellished mini tote. They’re handy and can fit in more than just cash. 

Rock the Dangle

Earrings are an integral part of your clothes. Unless you’re wearing a chunky neckpiece, you can go overboard with the earrings to create a nice focal point. Just make sure the size and shape of your earrings match the shape of your face. Sleek and long dangles and teardrops for round face, oversized hoops and danglers with rounded edges for the square face, wider bottomed or elongated curves for the heart-shaped face, wider short dangles for the diamond-shaped face and just about anything for the oval face.

Dress Up Your Neckline

Chunky to delicate layered, neckpieces come in all sizes. There’s nothing like a nice necklace to add some extra bling to your overall look. V-necks and open necks call for a chunky to delicate necklace that stops just above the neck. Layered chains and large pendant necklace look great with your turtlenecks and band collars. You can always experiment with the size and length. But remember the chunkier the neckpiece the more delicate and smaller the earrings. Wear a complete coordinated set of jewellery only if its delicate and not the other way around. 

Bling Your Wrist

Bracelets add a load of personality when done right. If your 9-to-5 is too formal go with a simple stone-studded cuff or kada bracelet or a delicate charm bracelet. For your evenings and weekends stack them to create a nice set. Vary the shape of each bracelet but make sure it’s not too messy or add too many to the mix. For your evening out you could go with a nice charm bracelet with pearls or delicate stones. Pick a glamourous cuff with stones for special occasions. 

While accessorising doesn’t end with just this, getting these four main components right can make a big difference to your outfit. You most certainly can add rings to the mix or wear a chunky belt over your shirt and match that with your shoes. Just remember that you don’t have to colour co-ordinate your accessories all the time. Fuchsia dangles and pumps with your pastel dress, anyone? Your style, your rules; but just make sure you’re comfortable with it. 


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