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How To Pick Out the Perfect Jewellery to Go Along Your Outfit

Have an overflowing jewellery collection but wondering what to pick to complement your outfit? Picking the right fashion jewellery that accentuates your sense of style, personality or wardrobe can be...

Have an overflowing jewellery collection but wondering what to pick to complement your outfit? Picking the right fashion jewellery that accentuates your sense of style, personality or wardrobe can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. 

Yes, we’ve all been there. And yes, choosing the right jewellery to match every outfit can be quite a task. But that doesn’t mean it should be a total afterthought! Every outfit deserves the perfect accessory and when you take the time to keep things fresh yet coordinated, you can make quite an impression wherever you go. 

So, we’re going to give you some simple, straightforward tips to make sure that the next time you head out, you look perfectly put together and don’t waste any time in the classic last-minute jewellery dilemma.

Loud Outfit? Tone Down the Jewellery and Vice Versa

Wearing bold prints, busy patterns or heavy embellishment? If the focal point is your outfit, be it embroidery, ruffles, or sequins, then make sure your jewellery is delicate. Unless the occasion calls for it, say a wedding, don’t mix a loud outfit with louder jewellery. To make sure that all the finer details in your outfit is not lost, match it with a nice pair of stud earrings or a delicate multi-layered necklace

The same rule applies the other way around too. If you want to make your chunky statement jewellery stand-out then pick a minimalist outfit, like a simple shift dress.

Decide the Focal Point

Just got your nails done? Flaunt it better with a nice chunky stone-studded ring. Jewellery doesn’t only mean necklaces or earrings. A chunky ring can draw all the attention to your hands and throw in a nick bracelet to complete the look. 

Always Match the Occasion

The right jewellery can dramatically alter any outfit — whether you want to tone it down or take things up a notch. But it’s first important to know what you want. Everyday style can mean minimalist or an eye-popping mix of chunky jewellery depending on your personal style. So, while things can be different for each, the basics are still the same. With formals, go for minimal to look more sophisticated. Office wear must be understated unless your work environment allows a relaxed dress code. Social events can be a mix of everything. 

Want to keep things simple yet edgy? You can always add personality to any outfit with a nice charm bracelet or stackable bracelets that can be matched with your shirts and your kurtas. 

Pay Attention to the Neckline 

While you should pick earrings that frame your face well, make sure you don’t ignore the neckline when you choose a chain or necklace. Go for a nice choker or a chain and pendant with a sweetheart neck or strappy dress. V-Neck looks great with a layered necklace that reaches just above the V. A wide open neckline or a strapless dress looks good with a nice choker or a pendant necklace or you could even go for the no necklace look but add a nice pair of studs or statement earrings and an elegant bracelet or cuff on your wrist. 

Define Your Personal Style

Boho or minimalist? Edgy or laid back? Whatever your personal style make sure your jewellery matches that. Tasselled earrings and necklaces or stackable beaded bracelets are great for someone who loves to go Bohemian. Minimalist at heart? Go with the layered necklaces, they never go out of style. A fun and adventurous dresser — pick the charm bracelets, the chunky choker or big hoop earrings and you’ll be all set to make a splash.

Style is personal; but at the end of the day, always choose to have fun. So what if it’s not something you would usually wear — if you want to experiment, go ahead and do it. Try new layers, textures, shapes, and you never know, you might start a trend. But always make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, and it complements ‘you’. 


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