How to Wear Your Summer Dresses in Winter

Some outfits are appropriate only for a particular season. While a distinct seasonal specific wardrobe might not be something you follow, there are times all of us choose not to wear some of our clothes due to practical reasons. We cannot really venture out in a summery, breezy light dress during the monsoons or cold months! So, the sensible dressing route is what you might end up taking. But do you know that there are simple ways to make your wardrobe functional all year through with just a little tweaking.


Here’s our guide to take your open-back dresses and breezy minis out of the closet even in the dampest or coldest of months.


Layer Up Like a Pro

Layering your dresses is the easiest way to add some warmth and create a new look all at once. They’re practical and require little thought. You could either pick a blazer in contrasting tones or choose a winter jacket in the same shade to enhance the seasonal vibes. Depending on the climate you can go with denim jackets to leather and ever fur.


Belt Up Your Blouse

Want to create a whole new look? Just add a blouse on top of your sleeveless or strappy dresses. Choose a blouson or peplum top or wear a broad eye-catching belt to highlight your curves. You can also wear a shirt and leave it open and hold it together with a chic belt to give it more tucked-in feel.


Wear Your Party Pants

Jeggings, treggings, trousers or even tights, dig them all up and wear them with your dresses to give it a longline twist. Just add a belt or carry a stylish and vibrant crochet bag to bring the summer colours into your winter wardrobe.


Twirl in Your Skirt

Skirts are feminine and just a great to give your dress a coordinated layered look. Have your eyes on a summery maxi? Wear a midi skirt on top and let the maxi’s ends peek to give it a layered skirt silhouette. For some extra warmth you can throw in a jacket or wear a turtleneck top underneath for a more covered up finish.


Let Your Sweater Peek Through

This is the usual way to layer, and it looks great on pinafore dresses or even your strappy minis. Pick one in a lighter shade or contrasting colours, add in a nice pair of wedges and a layered necklace for a very chic girly touch.


Wearing your summer dresses in the cold months just needs a little bit of creativity and some street style inspiration. Just think turtlenecks, chunky seaters or knit cardigans over your floral frocks and you’ll be able to put your summer wardrobe to use all year through. For a bold new look, add the boots, stack on some necklaces and bracelets and you’re bound to look your stylish best.