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Style Tips for Pairing Necklaces with Your Outfits

We’re all hit by the ‘which necklace to wear dilemma’ once in a while. Matching your necklace with the right outfit needs a little bit of practise and a lot...

We’re all hit by the ‘which necklace to wear dilemma’ once in a while. Matching your necklace with the right outfit needs a little bit of practise and a lot of inspiration. You don’t want to end up feeling bored with your choices and sometimes mismatched jewellery could ruin the whole vibe you’re trying to create. While there are no hard and fast rules, keeping the basics of necklace pairing in mind can transform your whole ensemble and take it up a notch.

Read on for some expert tips on choosing the right neckpiece for each outfit. 

Go from Plain Jane to Fabulous 

Instantly dress up a solid-coloured top or a plain shirt with a nice chunky, colourful necklace. You can choose to match the necklace with colour of your outfit or pick a contrasting shade. Wearing a necklace will add definition to your outfit and create interest. If don’t want to add too much volume, then pick a simple chain that has a mid-sized to large eye-catching pendant


Stun in High Collars

A closed neck top, turtlenecks, or even collared necks look great when you add a nice statement necklace to the mix. For a professional setting you could go with the layered necklace. Choose a pearl or stone pendant layered necklace to add a nice, elegant touch. For a casual setting you could go with a nice choker or a large chunky statement piece. Think red turtleneck top and a black choker necklace.

Slay in Baggy 

From blouson tops to kaftans to flowy, loose shirts all add volume to your overall look. This calls for a heavy necklace to give your body definition and shape. A big necklace will catch attention and make sure that the outfit doesn’t overwhelm. A baggy silhouette must be held together with a heavy necklace that can stand out against all the extra fabric. Pick something that is eye-catching and has some interesting features, like sparkling stones or crystals to make it really shine through the loads of fabric.

Flatter in Scoop Necks

Short necklaces with interesting pendants look great on open necklines. Wear simple to heavy short necklaces with your summer dresses and your strappy tops. They will accentuate your collarbone and give it a feminine, elegant edge. For a simple, sophisticated finish pair your deep neck outfits with pendant chains or layered necklaces.

Ace the Casual Chic

Pendants chains and layered necklaces can be worn with anything. They go well with your tees and your open shirts. To give a more boho chic vibe you could choose beaded layered necklaces. They come in bright colours and are great for adding some interesting focal point to an otherwise casual, daily wear top.


Necklaces are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe as they can elevate any ensemble to a whole new level. Always shop for good, solid pieces that can be mixed and matched based on the occasion and outfit. The right necklace-outfit combo can make you the star wherever you go, just make sure you get it right to create a lasting impact. 


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