Top Trends to Try Right Now

We’re at the fag end of 2021 and things are starting to look up already – well, almost! With vaccination rates going up and travel destinations opening up, things are slowly picking up pace. The good news — after a year of being cooped up at home we’ve never been more willing to try out some of the hot new trends of the season. And while we cannot disagree that trends come and go, some styles are timeless. So, here’s a look at the hottest new trends of the season that might stay in fashion for a while.

Exude Power in Monochrome

Everything cannot be black and white. But this season your clothes can be monochromatic. Whether you choose to go layered or textual, monochrome is a big trend right now and you should choose this style to flaunt. From polka dots to stripes, you can try them all. Or just go with the classic white shirt and a black mini. Not in the mood to go bold, wear a nice white dress and pair it with a black jacket. Do your own thing, just don’t be afraid to experiment. After all the black and white combo is a no-brainer. 

Stand Out with Eye-Popping Bags

Love bags? Keep it bright this season. From colour-blocked totes to multi-hued slings, keep your bags the focal point. The right bag can turn any ensemble from dull to glamorous. So, pick one that does just that. 

Make it Count with Statement Jewellery

The days of lounging around in sweatpants is over. So, when you dress up, you better go bold. Eye-catching jewellery is just what you need to brighten up even the dullest of days. In 2021-2022 go big or go home!

Go Green Go Sustainable

2020 taught us many things and one of the most important lessons was the need to save, reuse and reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability is here to stay — whether it is upscaling, recycling, cruelty-free fashion, pre-owned or the slow fashion trend that emphasises on custom-made.  People have now become conscious of the environment, so natural fabrics to custom-designed products are becoming popular. An emerging trend is artisanal fashion that promotes products created by skilled artisans. Want to make a difference? Choose brands that support local karigars.

Stripe it Up, Down and All Around

Stripes can never go out of fashion. Horizontal, vertical, asymmetrical, diagonal, whichever direction you go, just go with stripes. They’re versatile and layering them adds personality to your outfit. You want a winner combo — the classic striped dress and jacket — you just cannot go wrong with this one!

So, whether you go the monochrome way or choose sustainable fashion, this season’s trends can be mixed and matched to create a wide number of stylish options. The bonus – they’re so versatile that they can be incorporated with your existing wardrobe. So, have fun dressing up and remember to stay stylish, always.