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5 Morning Me-Time Ideas For Womens to Make a Good Start

We all need a little more motivation to get the day started right. This blog will give 5 "Me-Time" morning routine ideas for women to get their day started well.

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5 "Me-Time" Morning Routine Ideas for Womens:



How your day goes hinges a lot on how you start it. A great start puts you in a happy mood and this positivity will carry through to every activity. But when we go to bed anxious and stressed about something, it might seem difficult to forget about it all and make a fresh start. But, if you’re really concerned about your well-being, it’s important to make the effort. While stretching and waking up earlier than the household to spend some quiet time alone is a beneficial, there are so many other ways to infuse some positive vibes to your day too.

Here we’ve listed some of the time-tested morning routine ideas to begin your day with peace and contentment. Follow these simple tips each day and you should be feeling upbeat in no time at all.

5 "Me-Time" Morning Routine Ideas for Women:

Don’t Pick Up the Phone

Your phone is not just a distraction, but it can also expose you to potential stressors, like your bank-account balance or emails from work that might demand your attention right away. We’re all pretty much plugged to the phone all day, so why not delay the need to spend your morning really waking up to a brand-new start with no stress worthy routines. Your mornings should be time spent on yourself, calming your thoughts, and getting ready for the day ahead. So, stop picking up the phone the minute you wake up and start a mindful practice like meditation or simply sit for a few minutes taking in the joys of just being alive and healthy.

Clear Your Mind

Whether its meditation or just breathing deeply for a few minutes, wake up and sit someplace quiet for a few minutes to literally clear out all that’s cropping up. You have the rest of the day to worry. So, your mornings should be spent in quiet contemplation and gratitude. This will help you relax and feel more positive throughout the day. Anytime you feel your mind is wandering off to things that are stressful, just breathe deeply and turn your focus on your breath. 

Get Some Alone Time Outside

Step outside just for a few minutes to breathe in the sunshine and watch the sky or to listen to the birds chirping. Even if you live in a city there should be some greenery someplace that you can go to and just watch nature. Not possible to step outside? Just sit in your balcony or look out the window for a few minutes as you sip your morning drink. The magic of a sunrise is deeply satisfying to watch, and it also helps reduce anxiety.

Turn on Your Morning Playlist

Music is uplifting and relaxing, so make a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to it in the morning. It could be something upbeat or calming, whichever you prefer. You could listen to it while you’re cooking or while eating your breakfast or on your way to work.

Make It Creative

When you do something fun, silly, and creative in the morning, you give your mind a break right at the start. Whether it’s solving a puzzle while you sip your coffee or knit before you leave for work, you could choose to do anything that makes you happy. A morning me-time routine is oddly satisfying because it gives you a sense of happiness knowing that your day is focused on you, and you are entitled to a relaxing break at any time of the day. Doing something you enjoy early in the day helps you validate your self-worth as it reminds you to focus on your well-being before everyone else’s. Even if it’s only for few minutes make it a point to start a creative routine that you enjoy and do it without rushing and worrying about your daily grind. 


From writing your to-do list to exercising or trying out a new breakfast recipe, there a number of things you can do to really make your mornings your own. Waking up to a relaxing day with these 5 morning routines ideas is possible if you make it an intentional practice. When you choose to start your day without anxiety and do something that’s deeply satisfying your mind will learn to accept that as a part of your routine. A morning well-spent in relaxing calmness is a precursor to the rest of your day, so make it a point to enjoy the solitude before the rest of the household wakes up and demands your time and focus.

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