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6 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

Table of Content 6 Different ways to express Self-Love  Start Your Day Well Compliment Yourself Make Learning a Priority Stop Bullying Yourself Buy Yourself Flowers Slow Down Conclusion Self-love doesn’t...

Table of Content

6 Different ways to express Self-Love 


Self-love doesn’t come easy; it takes complete self-acceptance and self-discovery to really understand and be happy with who you are today. Your unique life experiences are yours to cherish. Choose to celebrate even your smallest achievements because you deserve all the praise, love, and attention. Still meandering on the path to self-love?

6 Different ways to practice Self-Love -

Here are 6 simple ways to be happy and start appreciating ‘you’.

Start Your Day Well


The positive energy you feel at the beginning of the day will flow through the rest of it too. So, wake up feeling grateful and do something that makes you feel good. It could even be a routine chore that you’re good at. When you begin the day with a win it will instantly boost your morale and put you in a happy frame of mind. Moreover, filling your day with small accomplishments will help improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Compliment Yourself

When someone you know does something well, you’re quick to praise, but don’t you think you deserve respect and admiration too? There are so many things that you do right, start acknowledging it, and give yourself a pat on the back. And don’t forget to give yourself a gift sometimes. 

Make Learning a Priority

Today the possibilities to broaden your horizon are endless. You can learn new things from the comfort of your home. So, give yourself the chance to evolve and grow and learn new skills. Learning also improves your focus and self-worth. 

Stop Bullying Yourself

Made a mistake? So, what?! Everyone does and we all learn from it sooner or later. Stop self-critiquing and putting yourself down. Constantly finding fault with yourself will damage your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Practicing self-love will help you forgive, forget, and keep moving forward.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Gifts are good, but you cannot deny that there’s something innately satisfying about receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Don’t wait for someone else to buy it for you, just go ahead a pick the most fragrant blooms for an instant mood boost.

Slow Down

Stop living your life on autopilot. Choose to slow down and smell the roses. Working without a break might sometimes be your way of avoiding issues. You don’t have to dwell too much on the things that are causing you distress. It’s better to sit down, face your fears and find a solution. Choose to get help, if necessary, instead of letting bitter emotions fester.


You matter to yourself. Remember that even if nobody understands your needs, you have you! Your well-being is important to you and when you choose to love yourself unconditionally, you’ll be better equipped to face life. So, practice self-love, always put yourself first because no one else will, and give yourself the opportunity to have enriching life experiences.


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