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Amazing ‘Me Time’ Ideas to Inspire You

Are you finding it difficult to fit in some ‘me time’ into your busy day? Spreading yourself too thin every single day? ‘Me time’ doesn’t really have to be an...

Are you finding it difficult to fit in some ‘me time’ into your busy day? Spreading yourself too thin every single day? ‘Me time’ doesn’t really have to be an elusive dream. Taking some time for yourself is immensely important for your well-being — and there’s no better time than now to start indulging in some much needed ‘me time’. 

So, here’s our list of doable ‘me time’ activities to kick-start your self-loving journey…

Go for a Walk

Too much happening at home? Need a breather? Just get out, go walk a mile, or at least for a few minutes. The fresh air will do you a world of good and you could get some time off the things that’s stressing you out. Working? Walk to the cafeteria or the vending machine and cut off from the noise for a few minutes.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

Starting a journal might not seem great at first but it will be good for you to keep a diary of your memories or things that happened during the day. This will help your de-stress and help you with articulating your thoughts better as time goes by.

Join a Gym Class

Easier said than done? Well, your health is important, and you will stick to your decision to exercise when you pay up to start. Also, a gym or even a dance class gives you someplace new to go to and spend time doing something for your own well-being. Try yoga if gym seems a tad bit too much for you, but make sure do something. 

Give Yourself a Pedicure

A warm soak is relaxing and no one will deny that. If you cannot go to a spa, just indulge at home. There are tons of beauty videos you can take inspiration from, and you never know you could come up with your own beauty mix. 

Wake Up Early

There’s magic in silence. Just enjoy the bliss of being alone by waking up earlier than the rest of the household. Drink a cuppa of whatever you like — alone and undisturbed.

Call a Friend

Been wanting to talk to a friend from the past? Been a while since you had a conversation that didn’t involve the everyday stressors? When was the last time you had a nice laugh and a heart-to-heart? Now is the time to pick up that phone and call. Call anyone who is not part of your household and talk about anything and everything under the sun that makes you happy.

Get into Art

We all know that art is therapeutic. It’s the best way to express ourselves and enhance our creativity. So, what’s stopping you from starting to sketch, paint, get into ceramics or sculpt? The options are myriad and if you cannot go for physical classes, sign up for an online session. If that is difficult just immerse in adult colouring. It’s inexpensive and all you need are some colouring books and colours to start.


Indulge yourself. Buy something for you and not for the extended family. Just enjoy the process of picking a new outfit or window-shop if you are short on cash. Spending time on things that can make you look good will boost your morale. 

Whatever, it is that you choose to do start doing it now. If this list seems impossible, just pick something doable, like taking a nap, listening to music, or watching something that you love or simply disconnect from technology. Do this every single day —maybe it’s possible only for a few minutes but do it because it will make you happy and healthy. And always remember that you need to switch off and rejuvenate, and that you deserve it and shouldn’t feel in any way guilty for taking a break.


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