'Me Time' on Company Time? Yes, it’s Possible.


Everyone needs a break during work hours. Yes, all of us do. Multitasking, meeting deadlines, and combating everyday stress calls for brain-boosting ‘me time’ breaks throughout the day. While the lunch break is the longest, we can take during work hours, short ‘me time’ intervals are necessary to stay focused. But most of us are not sure if it’s possible to completely switch-off. 

Well, the truth is that it’s possible to refresh and reboot at the workplace. You just need to follow these simple tips to take regular, well-timed ‘me time’ breaks during your workday.

The Water Break

Hydration is important. So why not turn your water breaks into a ‘me time’ break? Every time you drink water take a few minutes more to simply switch off and relax. This will not only give you a breather but also ensure you stay hydrated. And the more water you drink the more turns you must take to refill and that will get you away from your desk a few more times during your workday.

Pause, Detox with a Cuppa

The coffee break is great for indulging in some quality ‘me time’. Love to type as you sip? Stop doing that for a change. Every time you break for coffee, tea, milk, or protein shake just get up walk around a bit and then come back to sit and self-indulge. Catch up with colleagues, connect with friends on social media or just close your eyes and savour your cuppa.

Break Bread with Colleagues

Stop dining solo. Socialise with your colleagues at lunch to simply get work out of your headspace. And it’s a proven fact that connecting with people at work can boost your productivity. 

Breathe, Snooze, Groove

If you’re not someone who likes to socialise at work, then get a quick lunch and spend the rest of your lunch hour outdoors. Go for a walk, just breath in some fresh air and you’ll come back feeling refreshed. You can also use your lunch hour to do something you really enjoy Take up a hobby or make a list of the people you want to catch up with and call them over the course of the week. Love to snooze? Take a power nap (if your work environment permits) or listen to music.

Get Your Creative Fix

Yes, you might be able to break only for a few minutes per day, but you can use that time to do something creative. Sketch, knit, colour, clay model (without messing up your desk), or do just about anything that you like. Just do it for 5 minutes each time. This will make you focus on something that’s not related to work and help you relax.

Walk to Reboot

Sitting for long hours is never a good idea. So, set reminders to walk for a few minutes every hour. This will get you moving and give you a chance to break away from work. Take a walk around the block, walk down a flight of stairs, or walk to the printer and back and while you’re at it make sure to zone out. A few minutes away from the humdrum will do you a world of good.

Try it. Yes, it might seem impossible to get some quality ‘me time’ at work, but it’s all in the mind. Do something you really enjoy, shut out the world around you for short bursts of time and you’ll notice how much it boosts your productivity and wellbeing.