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How Taking Time for Yourself can Change Your Life

I’m important, my happiness matters. When was the last time you felt that way? Probably never. Women multitask and the different roles we play puts a lot of pressure on...

I’m important, my happiness matters. When was the last time you felt that way? Probably never. Women multitask and the different roles we play puts a lot of pressure on us. Being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or a professional is demanding. And when all these roles are combined, we have very little time left to take care of ourselves. Being there for everyone and everything 24x7 is tough, and you’re doing that, all the time, without missing a beat. So why not pat your back and gift yourself some time off? 

It’s about time you turned the focus on yourself for a change. Even a few minutes of ‘me time’ every day will do you a world of good. It shouldn’t be a luxury; it’s a necessity that can improve your life and your relationships. Trust us, we at Ishqme have tried it and we know it works. So, here’s our list of the reasons why you should make ‘me time’ a non-negotiable priority.

Push Out the Stress

Running from one meeting to another, meeting deadlines, getting things organised at home, doing multiple household chores can wear you out eventually. You cannot risk a burnt out but that’s where you’re heading by being under constant pressure to complete tasks. ‘Me time’ helps you take stock, relax, and rejuvenate. So, every time you take a 5-minute break you’re recharging your batteries, remember that. 



Explore the Magic of Reboot

Do you know the secret to productivity? Rest and relaxation. No one can work or stay focused 24x7. Our brains are not wired that way. Then why do you want to push the limit everyday with never-ending tasks? Just breaking the monotony and doing something enjoyable in the interim is supposed to help you get cracking again with renewed vigour. It’s just like rebooting the phone when it starts acting funny – do the same for your brain this time – shut down, indulge your fancy to get back up and running without a glitch. 

The Focus Potion

Have you tried finding your keys just when you’re heading out? You’re stressed and you just cannot find it anywhere. Rummaging your handbag, cleaning out the dresser, still no luck? Well, it’s right where you left it, but you’re in a hurry, stressed to get going and there’s no way you can think calmly. The same works for every situation. The minute you calm down and relax and stop forcing your memory or attention, things will come to your mind. When you’re under pressure, make peace with the situation, just relax, take a break and you will find the answer that you need. 

Happy You = Happier Relationships

If you don’t respect your time and your needs, others will start doing the same. Taking a ‘me time’ break to unwind makes you happier and let’s others know that you need the time out. And well, the happier you are the healthier you will be to do the things that matter to you and be there for the people you love. 

Prioritising your well-being not only adds positivity to your life, but it also improves your work-life balance. When you know you are important, your time is important, you become aware of the tasks that need your attention and learn to say ‘no’. But remember your ‘me time’ doesn’t have to really be ‘alone time’. You can choose to do something that you enjoy; it could be a walk to the park with your kids or movie-nights with your spouse. Just make it a point to do something every day to give yourself that much needed break and see for yourself how it improves your well-being and your sense of self-worth. 


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