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Solo Travel Ideas: The Unadulterated ‘Me Time’ You Need Right Now

Traveling solo, especially for women, may be a life-changing experience. So visit this blog for some great women's solo travel ideas, pack your bags, and get going!

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List of Solo Travel Ideas for Womens:



Instagrammable travel photos to share, who doesn’t crave that? Well, all of us do, especially now that we’re all hyper-connected after the pandemic. Our social media feeds are swelling with travel photos all over again and you sure would be hoping to get out and experience it all. While the annual travel plans are back, why not do something different, take a solo vacation for some self-discovery, and most importantly to pamper yourself. 

Solo travel is on the rise, especially since people are now waking up to the idea of ‘putting their “me time” first, every time’. There’s so much to gain and a lot to learn, and solo travel promises it all. If you’re still apprehensive about it, here’s out list of the reasons why it’s time you packed your backpack and headed out alone.

List of Solo Travel Ideas for Womens:


Travelling solo gives you the peace and quiet to embark on an inward journey and get to know yourself better. When you have all that time to yourself and no companion, it becomes easier to learn things about yourself. It could be anything, from how you handle travel stress to what you enjoy and what you don’t. You will also gain clarity about things in your life and learn to manoeuvre tight situations, if the need arises.

Make New Friends

When you’re alone you will open up more to people, whether it is to find your way or if your part of a travelling group. Solo travel is one of the best ways to meet new people, experience new cultures and connect with the locals. Because you have to keep yourself entertained, you will find ways to meet and socialise. 

Boost Confidence

There’s nothing more exhilarating than completing a trip all by yourself. You’re basically stepping into the unknown. While it’s better to do your research about safety and other things beforehand, being prepared and stepping out of your comfort zone, heightens your awareness about your strengths and weaknesses. And learning and managing and finding ways to navigate different scenarios will give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your confidence.   


Travelling in general changes one’s perspective on life. And when you go solo, it makes you more independent and empowered, because you’re on your own, dealing with everything without much help. The freedom you enjoy, creating your own schedule and following your own rules cannot be matched. 


Travelling solo gives you the luxury to be selfish, for once. You can do what you want to do, and go where you want to go, while taking all the precautions to stay safe. It’s the perfect ‘me time’ activity that gives you ample opportunities to grow, evolve, rest, and really focus on your well-being. When you have people around you, their needs are bound to take precedence. But with solo travel, ‘you’ become important, and your needs and your wishes can be met on time for once. And the best part, you’ll be accomplishing all that by yourself.

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