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Tips to Stay on Track When You Have Too Much to Do

When you’re busy it might seem impossible to make time for yourself. Well, think again. Scheduling ‘me time’ when your workday is already crammed with a million things to do...

When you’re busy it might seem impossible to make time for yourself. Well, think again. Scheduling ‘me time’ when your workday is already crammed with a million things to do may seem difficult, but it’s never really the case. It all boils down to managing your time and keeping your work schedule on track. After all the sooner you finish your work, the more relaxed you’ll be to do what you enjoy.


Here are some simple tips to make you stay on task and finish things on time so that you have enough time for some good old pampering. 

Set Reminders

Love to procrastinate? Who doesn’t?! It’s so easy to put away something that you must finish. But because you’re worried about finishing or dread getting delayed you cannot push things to a different point in time. The best way to get up and start doing it is by setting up a reminder to get on with your work. You can either set an alarm that goes off every few hours or a create a virtual reminder on your phone. But whatever it is that you choose, stick to the schedule no matter what.

Do a Dash of Work

Putting away something for too long? Do just a little bit of it at a time and you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish. A lot of time we put away things worrying about how to finish it but it’s all just in the mind. Breaking it down into small tasks and doing it for a short span of time will help you get over your anxiety and get things done.

Post It

Just use a message board to keep reminding you that you need to finish something. Stick a post-it where you cannot miss it and where its sure to catch your eye. It could be the refrigerator or your computer, or even the TV if you seem to be binge watching something instead of finishing up work. This will get you to stop putting off work to a later time and date and get cracking right away. 

Set a Timer

Compete with yourself to finish the task. Set a timer to make sure you complete it within that time limit. This way you can break up the task into small doable chores and reward yourself when the timer goes off. 

Take ‘Me Time’ Breaks

Every time we take up a new assignment or a when there’s a new chore to complete, we’re worried we won’t have enough time to rest and recharge. The best way to stop feeling overwhelmed and stretched is to make sure that you schedule time for some ‘me love’. Make your breaks a part of your work schedule. Don’t put that off to a later time. Reward yourself every time you complete a task. It could be a tea break, or some quiet time alone, just make it clear to everyone that you need that few minutes off between tasks and that it is non-negotiable.



Choose to Stay Happy

When you’re happy, you’ll be focused and be able to accomplish a lot more. There’s no use worrying and adding to your stress by sulking about the workload. When you’ve taken the responsibility to do it, choose to accept it and stay happy and see how much you achieve. 

All of us want to take a break, but that cannot be done in peace if there’s a task that’s nagging you. While you might not be able to wriggle out of some things the best way to handle it is to stay focused and on track and you’d be surprised how much you can finish by getting things done on time.  And the bonus — you’ll be able to set time for yourself a lot more when you’re more organised. Because the faster you get things done, the more time you’ll have to pursue what you like.


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