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Fashion Fundamentals: Ways to Dress Better

Clothes maketh the wo(man)! Yes, it’s true, what we wear can change the way people perceive us. But, most importantly it can change the way you feel about yourself. Try...

Clothes maketh the wo(man)! Yes, it’s true, what we wear can change the way people perceive us. But, most importantly it can change the way you feel about yourself. Try it, dress up and see how it can influence your mood. The better we dress the better we start to feel, and it instantly boosts our confidence. So, the next time you’re feeling down, just get up and get dressed and head out. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. But, dressing right needs a lot of thought and a good understanding of your personal style. Here’s our list of wardrobe essentials that can perk you up in a jiffy and make sure you never ever go unnoticed.

The Fit Matters

Unless you’re lounging at home, wearing ill-fitting clothes is never good. It can make you look sloppy and trying to fix it can only ruin your day. Imagine walking into an event or a meeting wearing a blouse that doesn’t sit well on your shoulders. You know what that can do to the rest of your evening. Always choose clothes that fit you well and you will never regret it. 

Understand Your Body Shape

Our bodies change as we continue to age. Understanding your body is not about finding fault or trying hard to fit unnatural ideals but learning to work with what you’ve got. You are unique and body proportions differ for everyone. Understanding this will help you choose clothes that flatter and accentuate your figure rather than highlight your insecurities. When you know what works for you it becomes easier to choose the right clothes and dress to impress. 


Accessories matter. They enhance your ensemble and highlight your features. Picking the right jewellery is a priority. Whether you prefer minimal, classy pieces or like to invest in statement earrings and necklaces, make sure you always accessorise when you step-out. The rule of the thumb is to match the occasion and the outfit, but never over-accessorise as that will only make you look gaudy.

Invest in Quality

You don’t have to break the bank to look good. But that doesn’t mean you should skimp. Hoarding can never be good if you must compromise on quality over quantity. Good clothes might not come cheap, but when you invest in quality you can be sure that will last a while longer. Most importantly, when you buy good, its fits good and looks good. 

The Bags in Your Life

Functional, practical and stylish that’s what we want our bags to be. Yes, there are times you might have to overlook the functionality. But a good bag can add a new dimension to any outfit. Pick one that will enhance and complement your overall look. Vibrant totes and sling bags can add some zing to any ensemble and are great for casual outings. For an evening pick a good, embellished sling or a clutch that reflects your personal style.

Style is all about personal choice and comfort. The key to great dressing lies in first identifying what works for you and wearing clothes that are flattering on you. Also, the occasion is of paramount importance when choosing any outfit. The next important part of your overall look is your footwear. Wear something that you’ll feel comfortable to walk in. You’re not someone who loves tower high heels? Don’t wear it because it’s in fashion. Go with pretty slingback kitten heels instead. Knowing when and where to balance and matching clothes with the event matters. And remember, styles can change, you can change, so be willing to experiment. Just don’t try everything together at the same time. Develop your own sense of style and follow it, you’ll never be disappointed.


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