How to Ace the Minimalist Look

Minimalism is not a passing fad. While styles come and go, minimalism has continued to stay popular for its simplicity, chicness, and effortless elegance. Many celebs have aced the minimalist look, but no one did it better that Audrey Hepburn. While minimalism per se is a mindset and a lifestyle choice, not all of us can adhere to the mindful decluttering that it calls for. Yes, inculcating this sartorial mindset can be a tad bit difficult, but minimalist fashion can be easily integrated into your day-to-day routine. What you need are the right outfits or accessories for creating styling combinations that make a lasting impact.

So, here’s our guide to ace the ‘less is more’ trend to look elegant and fashionable with ease.

Layer with Elan

Layering instantly elevates any outfit to give it a cool and fresh look. Invest in a nice jacket to create multiple options with any outfit and to stop worrying about repeating your favourite clothes. Go for a neutral toned jacket that can be matched with any of your dresses and trousers to create a chic, confident and assertive look. 

Go White

Nothing speaks minimalism louder than a great white outfit. Plus, it’s so versatile that you could match it with any type of accessories. Go with classy pumps or a great necklace or elegant stud earrings to look more polished and sophisticated.

Go Easy on Accessories

Choose one key accessory to make an impact. Too much can be too distracting and take away the clean, structured look you’re trying to achieve. So, either pick a nice choker necklace that will catch the eye or go for a great pair of dangle earrings. Just remember not to go overboard with your jewellery. Love layering? Go with delicate pieces that will not be too loud together. A nice, layered gold necklace is the perfect answer. Choose one that’s feminine and elevates your unique styling sensibilities.

Pick Neutrals, Pastels and Monochromes

Beige, earth tones, pretty peaches, or monochromes are all great for anyone looking to go minimalist. They’re simple, elegant, and perfect for creating an impact with very little. The great thing about going monochrome is the option to layer with different pieces or textures to create a stunning look without seeming monotonous. Pick one colour and add more accent pieces like a jacket or shoes in the same shade to emphasise the colour palette. Just make sure you pick pieces that will stand out.

At the end of the day, minimalism is all about styling right. No matter what you choose to wear, pick a silhouette that emphasises your unique style and suits your body type. Remember that the cut and fit of your clothes, the shape and size of the jewellery matters when you choose minimalism. Find fabrics, textures, styles, and materials that fit you well and accentuates your features; because nothing compares to a well-fitted dress with clean lines or a stunning piece of jewellery that can elevate your look and make you stand out of the crowd without trying too hard.