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How to Change From Office to Valentine’s Look

Get ready for a romantic night out with our guide on how to change from an office to a Valentine's Day outfit. This Valentine's Day, upgrade your look with these...

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6 Outfit Tips to Change from Office to Valentine's Day Look

Balancing work and love can be a tedious affair. After putting in a full day at the office, it's pretty common to have to dash off for a date. With Valentine’s Day falling on a weekday, we have curated a list that will quickly transform your workday look into the perfect Valentine's Day outfit!

6 Outfit Tips to Change from Office to Valentine's Day Look

1. A Romantic Floral Dress

The easiest way to ace a Valentine's Day office outfit is to avoid wearing neutrals and basics at all costs. Add a pop of print, and in this case, a floral print – the perfect balance between an office wear and a date night look.

Hold on! It's not without risks. Avoid going overboard with prints or with extremely bright colours. Pastel floral prints can be a good idea here! Need a suggestion? This floral printed shift dress can work wonders for you! 

2. Black Skirt with a Top

Black skirt screams formal, making it perfect for your boardroom meetings. And transforming it into a Valentine's Day dress is easier than it sounds!

Pair it with a semi-formal top. Maybe a one-shoulder floral top or a boat neck blouse. Oh! And yes. Don't forget to accessorize your look with chic earrings, a pendant, and matching rings. 

3. Go for a Satin Shirt

A Satin shirt, perhaps, is the flirtiest silhouette and yet works wonderfully for formal wear. It’s perfect when you want you to create an impression, be it on your client or your date!

And the best part about adorning a satin shirt? No creases! So even if you have had a very busy day at work, with just a little touch-up, you will be all good to go!

4. A charming Printed Dress 

Adorning a printed dress is a great way to nail your Valentine’s Day look. The stunning fit of the dress is professional enough for your workspace but also stunning for your date night! 

Pair it with some high heels and gold jewellery to look like your absolutely stunning self! 

5. Pair Skinny Jeans with Tunic Tops

If you are not a dress girl, it only makes sense to go ahead with your favourite pair of skinny denim jeans. They will accentuate your legs and give you the illusion of being long and lean, magnifying it even more when paired with tunic tops. 

Tunic tops with skinny jeans are therefore a great way of making you look more stylish and sexy!

6. Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Outfit

We cannot stress this point enough. Mismatched outfits and jewellery end up ruining your outift’s charm. And so does under-accessorizing and over-accessorizing. 

Opt for lighter, minimalist jewellery if you want your dress to be the focus. Similarly, opt for statement pieces if your outfit is basic. You can opt for cuff bracelets, wristlets, and pendant sets. Furthermore, silver and rose-gold jewellery are quite a trend. So that's something you can opt for as well!


Now that you know how to transform from your workday wear to a Valentine’s Day dress, you are all set for V-Day! Remember to always strike a balance between whatever you choose to wear. You don't want to look all dressed for drinks at 8 am, nor do you want to look ready to enter into a meeting at 8 pm. The key to avoiding this is to choose the right pieces!


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