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Make ‘Me Time’ Your Top Priority to Prevent Stress

Stress is universal. With things getting out of control, ever so often, we’re bound to feel stressed and anxious. We do so much everyday with little to no expectations. But...

Stress is universal. With things getting out of control, ever so often, we’re bound to feel stressed and anxious. We do so much everyday with little to no expectations. But whatever is beyond the realm of our control can only be managed by keeping our cool when things get tough. So, don’t let the daily stressors push you to the brink of anxiety. While some stressors cannot be prevented, making time for self-care will help alleviate the impact of stress. After all, when you’re happy and healthy you become better equipped to handle the worries of everyday living.

So, by just paying more attention to your wellbeing you will get better at juggling responsibilities without getting anxious. Read on to know how you can ensure your self-care takes precedence every day. 

Make ‘Me Time’ Non-Negotiable

When you’re happy, you stay healthy, and you’re better prepared to take on the world. Your mental, emotional, and physical health hinges a lot on how much time you spend taking care of your own needs. Every day do something you enjoy, take frequent breaks, immerse in some self-care to clear your mind. 

Focus On What Matters

Evaluate your priorities and half the work is done. You cannot do it all and spread yourself thin. Plan to decide what’s important to you now. Can you skip the meeting to finish up some work? Do you have to run errands on an already busy day? Can somebody else take care of non-essential things so that you can focus on priorities and take a small break? When you know when and where you’re needed, it becomes easier to manage what’s in hand and prevent unnecessary stress trying to do it all. And the more organised your day is the better your chances to squeeze in some alone time. 

Make Less Your Mantra

You need your ‘me time’ breaks. Keep that in mind when you take up additional responsibilities. When you’re already stretched you cannot add on more work to your to-do list. Ask for help, designate, share responsibilities, and wherever possible make sure you get enough time in-between to do something that you enjoy. The more frequent your fun ‘me time’ breaks the better relaxed you will be. 

Learn to Say No

Are you taking up new responsibilities? Do you always say yes to new tasks when asked? Saying ‘no’ can be tough when you’re used to giving in to requests. But taking up additional responsibilities without considering the consequences can never be good for your wellbeing in the long run. If you’re not sure whether you could refuse, then delay the response, buy yourself time by asking to think about it further. Figure out if a new task will give you time off to unwind, if it doesn’t don’t take it up, or ask someone else to volunteer or share the burden.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Hard work is tough, and it can be mentally and physically draining. And when you’re focused on giving everything the very best it’s also necessary that you take frequent breaks to prevent burnouts. Taking some quality ‘me time’ breaks during the course of each day will help you replenish and refuel. Choose to do something that you enjoy. This will help you to completely break away for a few minutes in a day and help you get back to your tasks with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

Always remember that a happier and more relaxed you will be better prepared to take on anything. Taking breaks and reaching out for help when needed will give you some much needed breather to focus on what’s important – your wellbeing. And while you cannot prevent stress, how you react to it can make a world of a difference to your sanity. So, first focus on keeping yourself happy and rested and you’ll be surprised how much it can help you eliminate needless anxieties and accomplish things with ease. 


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