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Self-Care Routines that You Cannot Ignore

Burnt-out, tired, short-tempered, impatient, distracted, depressed — we go through all of this and more and most of the time we ignore the reason. When life gets busy, it can...

Burnt-out, tired, short-tempered, impatient, distracted, depressed — we go through all of this and more and most of the time we ignore the reason. When life gets busy, it can seem difficult to make time for ourselves. But it’s all in our own hands but we choose to ignore the most basic of needs — to care for yourself. Self-care should be a priority, but most often than not we end being there for others or expend all our energies on things that could be taking away the most important thing, the right to enjoy ‘ME’. 

The time we spend with ourselves is the most precious and the most important, but we often overlook this. While taking a ‘me time’ break is necessary, it’s equally important to follow a strict self-care routine to relax, heal and rejuvenate. Self-care should be a priority, because if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. So, here’s our list of the things you should do every day to enjoy and celebrate ‘me’.

Pamper Your Skin

Yes, you have to get the kids to school, cook the meal for the day, get things packed for wok, there could be many things that you might have to do every day. But that doesn’t mean your showers have to be short and quick. Make it a point to enjoy your it, listen to relaxing music, or sing if you want to, put on a facemask, exfoliate, put on a hair mask. Your bath should be your time to relax and get ready to face the rest of the day, so make it count and make it your own relaxing alone time. Follow it up with a healthy skincare routine. Taking the time to do the things that are good for you will boost your happiness and wellbeing.

Read, Flip Relax

Make it a point to read every day. While an hour or two curled up on your couch with your favourite book would be ideal it might not be possible to do that every day. Just make it a point to read at least for a few minutes daily. Not a book person? Flip through a magazine. Skim the pages, sip, or snack on something while you read. This will give you a short, restful break and help you unwind.


Take Your Coffee Outside

Sip on your favourite beverage in peace and quiet and away from the things that stress you out. Take your coffee or tea outside and enjoy it in fresh air. You could go to the terrace, your garden, balcony or sit by the window while at home, and away from your desk at your workspace. This will help you break free of things for a few minutes and return to your chores or the daily grind feeling a lot rested and content. 

Stretch Your Stress Away

Mindful stretching is a great way to relax and let go off all the stress. Breathe deeply as you stretch and feel the anxiety leave your body. Stretching a great way to relax; if you are not sure how to go about it join a yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi class near you. Not sure you can make time for a class? Watch videos and start slowly. Make stretching and mild exercise a part of your everyday routine and see how it transforms your mind and the way you react to stressors. 

Jot Down Your Happiness

Start a daily journal and write down your thoughts. Write about your feelings, what happened during the day, about your family, the things you are grateful for and just about anything that comes to your mind. Getting your thoughts down on paper will help you see things more clearly and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and things that matter to you. Make this an everyday habit to really get to know, love and care about yourself better.

Create a Vision Board

What are your short and long-term plans and goals? What is it that you would want to achieve and work toward to make your family, career, or home life better? Make a list of all the things that you want and need to improve in your life. Once you have a reasonable idea of what you want from your life create a vision board. Make it creative and fun with sticky notes and photos. It should be nice and inspiring to look at every day. You can add and remove items as and when you reach a milestone. Creating a vision board will help you stay motivated and look forward to the day ahead and keep you focused toward achieving what you want.

Self-care is important and should be a part of your daily activities. Unless you make this a habit you will not be able to change the way you feel and live your life. From skincare to getting a good night’s sleep or napping for a few minutes in the afternoon, you should make it a point to do it every day. You owe this to your body and mind and it’s better you start doing it now to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life.


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