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5 Natural Stone Jewellery With Surprising Benefits

Upgrade your jewellery collection with these 5 natural stone jewellery that provide healing, good luck, spiritual connection, and other benefits. To learn more, read the complete blog!

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5 Natural Stone Jewellery with Benefits:

From generating positive energy, creating a sense of balance and harmony to promoting well-being and health, wearing natural stones are believed to be very beneficial. Whether you’re choosing pieces based on your birthstone or wearing stones that have unique properties and energy fields, you could go with your own personal preferences while picking natural stones jewellery. 

While some believe that wearing natural stones jewellery for a specific reason can weave miracles, for most of us it’s just the sparkling allure that draws us to them. At IshqMe, we love natural stone studded trinkets and the stunning pieces from our collection have been handcrafted with gorgeous stones that should be in every fashionable girl’s jewellery box. And the best part, while they’re trendy and chic, they could also be bringing you some positivity with their unique properties. Read on to know how each of the stones in our jewellery collection could add to your happiness.

5 Natural Stone Jewellery with Benefits:

Citrine Silver Stud Earring

Believed to be a powerful cleanser, citrine gives the wearer enhanced clarity, self-confidence, wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Known as the success stone, citrine is also good for getting rid of negative energy from one’s life. 

Stunning and perfect for formal and casual outings, this citrine stud earrings made with sterling silver can be worn with your summer yellow dresses and your white shirt and formal trousers.

Black Onyx Studded Ring

The yin and yang balancing stone, black onyx makes you feel centred and in control and helps you make the right decisions. The perfect shield from negativity, black onyx is the stone of protection.

A stunning piece, the black onyx studded ring is perfect for dressing up your fingers. You can match it with some stackable bracelets, a black palazzo and a white tie-up shirt or tshirt to elevate your casual chicness.

Silver Multicolour Stone Earrings - Amethyst, Citrine and Smokey Topaz

The perfect stress-buster stone, smoky topaz is a protective stone that promotes tolerance. Believed to ease hip and back pain, smoky topaz is supposed to be good for healing headaches, anxiety, depression, and nervous disorders.

A stunning multicolour stone dangler earring that also features citrine and amethyst stones, this sterling silver piece is what you need for your evening out. Embedded with dazzling set of stones that will sure add a sparkle to your face, this pair can be worn alone or matched with the bracelet in our collection for a classic co-ordinated finish.

Hammered Silver Peridot Studded Pendant Necklace 

A balancer of emotions, the peridot is believed to promote restful sleep, good health and heal ailments of the lungs, eyes, stomach, thyroid, and liver. A stone the promotes good cheer and happiness, peridot is also known to inspire creativity and eloquence.

An elegant silver pendant necklace, this sterling silver piece can be worn with your summer dresses and strappy tops and your cocktail gown. For a co-ordinated look, pair it with the silver peridot earring from the collection. 

Turquoise and pearl studded pendant

A stone for increasing physical strength and immunity, the turquoise is said to help get rid of negative energy and bad luck. From curing mental stress, blood pressure and depression to promoting greater understanding and better relationships, the turquoise is believed to bring its wearer many benefits.

A spectacular turquoise pendant with a unique vintage charm, this piece can be worn on a long or short chain to suit your outfit’s neckline. For an evening party, match it with the turquoise studded silver ring and turquoise silver earrings


At IshqMe, we’re constantly looking to bring you products that are not just stylish to wear but also create a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Our handcrafted collection features unique, artisanal, natural stone encrusted jewellery that has been exquisitely crafted to give you something more than just a fashionable choice. Shop our collection of stunning natural stone jewellery today!


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