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Pro Tips: How to Wear a Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are a versatile, attractive, and timeless piece of jewellery. Check out this blog to learn how to style various types of choker necklaces!

Styling Tips for Different Types of Choker Necklaces:


There’s something enchanting about the choker necklace that cannot be ignored. They’re trendy with a timeless allure and chokers draw attention the neck and collarbone like no other piece of jewellery. Until recently chokers were relegated to the ‘90s nostalgia’ with very little takers. But now with a wide variety of styles and designs making way into the runways and boho brigades’ closets, chokers are once again a fashion choice of the hip and happening crowd.

But chokers can be tricky to style because they sit right at the base of the neck, which can disappear under your clothes. When it comes to styling different types of choker necklaces the two most important aspects to keep in mind is the neckline of what you’re wearing and the vibe you’re looking to achieve, be it boho rustic, chilled out beachy, high glam or vintage elegance. You can also layer your chokers by wearing a longer necklace along with it for a chic, fun and dressy finish. Chokers can be styled any way and worn anywhere. So, here are some of our favourites choker trends that you should try out if you want to add some personality to your neckline.

Styling Tips for Different Types of Choker Necklaces:

Boho Beachy

When it comes to fun and sunny there’s nothing better than a beaded choker with beach inspired charms. You could go with a broad choker or choose one that has layers of single strands starting from the base of your neck as seen in our Green and Blue Beaded Charm Necklace. Beaded chokers encapsulate the boho chic vibe to perfection. You can match this with your scoop neck tops and flouncy skirts or go with the summery V-neck tee and shorts routine to take your bohemian beachy look to an all-new height of style.

Edgy Minimalist

Unique patterns turn heads. A choker with an eye-catching pendant or stylized edge like our such as spikes, is sure to get you a lot of attention. You can wear these with your scoop neck tops for a lunch date or even to work with your button downs.  A crisp white shirt will certainly look great with a spiked choker necklace, just add a pair of block heels, and go easy on the earrings by choosing a minimalist stud to create balance.

High Glam

Nothing spells glam better than a choker with a cascading pendant. Make this your sophisticated solo piece that should remain the focal point. An elaborate choker necklace looks great with deep neck evening gowns and will be the perfect accessory for a night out. Match this with a simple stud earring, a cuff bracelet and a sequinned clutch.

Street Smart

Layering your choker with other necklaces is the perfect way to add some chic, effortless street vibe to your outfit. Since anything goes for high street fashion, you could wear your tees and dungarees to your Bardot or off-shoulder tops. Choose dainty necklaces to go with your broad chokers or simple strands with charms to add some casual sophistication to your street clothes.


Casual and chic and sometimes spectacular, a choker necklace is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to dazzle. From maximalist to sleek beaded ones, you can choose a style that matches your mood and the vibe you want to create. For a dramatic look, combine them with other necklaces to add tons of personality to your ensemble.


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